Cam Beaver's Live Amateur Cams

You have a choice when choosing a cam site. You want something user friendly with plenty of girls, an affordable price, and lots of personal contact. Cam Beaver offers all that and more. We keep up with what's hot and upcoming with cam sites, and we stay on the cutting edge of those trends.

There are too many camsites that just aren't worth your time. There are too many out there that it's hard to know which ones are the best and why. Let us help show you how to tell the difference between a great quality site and something of a lower quality.

Do thy have different chat options, a stable of models of various body types and ehtnicities, fetish performers, and options for multiple girls? Do they offer easy payment options, and are they affordable for most anyone?

Once you've sorted through the FAQs and the features of a site, you want to look at things like video quality and streaming. Do they offer High Def cam shows and chat features? Do they give you an opportunity to ask the models questions? Part of the fun involved in live cam shows is the contact with the model and the availability of shows that are custom tailored to your needs.

Even if cam sites often look similar, they are a far from the same, and you really want to pay attention to a balance of quality and quantity.

What we're really talking about is asking yourself the right questions and doing your research before you decide on an adult cam site. What features are important to you? What kind of girls do you want to see? Amateur cam sites like Cam Beaver offer the widest variety, giving you more options to find your type, whether you like blondes or redheads, fat or skinny, kinky or vanilla.

The more you look, the more differences you'll see. You're free to be as specific as you like in getting your needs met. Live amateur cam models are the driving force behind sites featuring cam-girls. This allows the ladies to set up their own aesthetic, giving you greater variety in cam models and themes.

You're then more likely to follow girls and create your own network of on-demand cam shows, meaning that your experience is infinitely customized to your personal preferences. The more models you know, the more varied your experiences.

That's what matters most, options and the ability to decide what content you like. That alone makes live cam sites 1000% better than regular porn sites where you only see the content they give you, and no one takes requests. With cams, you direct your own movie, and you decide who the star is!

Think of sex cams as a choose-your-own-adventure book. You pick your own story, your own plot twists, and you always get the girl you want in the end. So go take a look at Cam Beaver, and find what you're looking for. Trust us, our girls are friendly and never shy.